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How can I find Responsive Resources linked to a particular topic?

Use the search engine available on the Responsive Resources page for each language:

  • you can search by Keyword(s) in English or in the target language, for example: “pirates”. All the Responsive Resources available for that topic will appear at the bottom of the page in alphabetical order.
  • you can search by Category, which correspond to broad curricular areas. If looking for resources on “Christmas”, for example, select the category “Celebrations and Festivals” and then check the available subcategories. In this instance, you will find a subcategory for “Christmas”. The resources will appear at the bottom of your screen in alphabetical order.

Please note that our Responsive Resources can be further filtered by type, age or last updated.


Last Update: November 21, 2019  

January 6, 2019    PowerLanguage Schools FAQs